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About Us is a non-profit organisation based in the UK. We simply provide an online community and one-stop repository for things to make getting started a little easier. We provide a large, flexible forum and through this a rich community to share knowledge and otherwise just have a good laugh.

Originally registered as a bit of a joke in 2003 the forum grew as did the use of the tools we provided untill a fatal server crash took it all out at the beginning of this year. We took the chance to move a few things round, primarilly get new forums up and running and get the Webmail back., This was how things Stayed untill Oct 2005 when the pages you are looking at now were created.

The services here are provided free with the exception of the Webmail system. Webmail is a charged servic that is superior in many ways to all the current offerings on the net. We use the monet from the Webmail subscriptions to pay for improvements to the site, the hardware that runs it and our bandwidth.


The People

Richard Inskip is the founder and person responsible for the day to day Admin of the site. An Electronics engineer and PC systems engineer by trade Richard can turn his hands to most things technical and is normally around someplace to lend a hand r help someone out in the forums. He can be contacted here

Mike McKenzie-Greive is our international representitive. Hailing from Coledale just outside Calagary, Canada, Mike keeps an eye on things when Richard or the other forum Admins aren't Around. Mike is a PC technician again by training and takes on all sorts of weird jobs. He's always willing to dive into something new and very friendly and out going if a litte eccentric at times. Mike can be contacted here

Stacey is our final Forum Admin, mad as a bag of spiders, she is liveley and outgoing and will liven up most conversations in the forums. She normally keeps an eye on things on the forums sorting out trouble as and when it arises. And no, we still don't know her last name :) Stacey can be contacted here


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